3 Rivers Communications High Speed Internet Disclaimer

Disclaimer & Offer Details

In order to access broadband Services, 3 Rivers will provide for purchase or lease by the Customer the following: modem, port, subscriber module. 3 Rivers will also provide microfilter(s) for each digital subscriber line (DSL) service. (Equipment) Customer acknowledges that the Equipment is fit for Customer’s purposes and accepts the Equipment in its current condition.

a. Customer Ownership of Equipment

If the Equipment components, including the modem and/or micro-filters, cease to operate properly due to no fault of the Customer (e.g., the components have not been subject to misuse, abuse, neglect, improper use, improper electrical voltages or current, repairs by others, alteration, or modifications), 3 Rivers will replace the components at no charge to the Customer up to twelve months after the purchase date. The replacements may not be the same model as the original components, and may be new, repaired, or reconditioned.

b. Customer is responsible for obtaining any other equipment needed to access, connect to, or use the Services, at Customer’s cost and expense, and for ensuring the equipment is compatible with the Services.

Minimum System Requirements and Wiring
In order to access the Services, Customer agrees and acknowledges that Customer’s computer must meet minimum system requirements and that certain inside wiring and/or additional equipment may be necessary in order to complete installation for the Services. Any fees for wiring will be billed to the Customer based on the prevailing hourly rate for 3 Rivers’ technician(s).

Billing and Payment of Charges
Customer will be charged for Services on a monthly basis. Each invoice for Services is subject to payment in accordance with 3 Rivers’ prevailing schedule of prices, terms, and conditions, without deduction or setoff of any kind. The recurring monthly fee is due and payable in advance of each monthly billing period for which the Customer has purchased Services in accordance with the terms of the invoice provided to the Customer. The initial invoice will include applicable fees for the Equipment purchased, and may include non-recurring installation charges including, but not limited to, charges for other Equipment and inside wiring.

Applies to the following products: