Cox Cable 150 Mbps Speed Roll-Out Data Leaked

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In May of this year, Cox Communications announced that they would be rolling out 1 Gbps service to all their subscribers, although the upgrade is expected to take some time. Cox also announced that they would be upgrading Internet Preferred, Internet Premier, and Internet Ultimate speed tiers to 50, 100, and 150 Mbps.

While Cox customers in Arkansas, Arizona, Nebraska, Nevada, and Oklahoma have already begun to see the speed increase, a post on’s forum may have inadvertently revealed Cox’s speed upgrade schedule.

The leaked schedule below shows the expected dates for the speed upgrade to be completed:

Roanoke 9/3/2014
Northern Virginia 9/9/2014
New Orleans 9/23/2014
Greater Louisiana 9/24/2014
Gainesville/Pensacola/Ocala 9/25/2014
Other Gulf Coast 9/25/2014
Middle Georgia (Macon) 9/25/2014
Hampton Roads September 30 – October 1
Cleveland 10/14/2014
Connecticut 10/14/2014
Rhode Island 10/14/2014
San Diego 10/21/2014
Santa Barbara 10/21/2014
Orange County 10/28/2014
Palos Verdes 10/28/2014

No word yet from Cox on the validity of the leaked schedule.