KCC Staff OK’s Chanute Municipal Broadband Expansion

Fiber Broadband

The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) says that Chanute’s plans to expand their existing fiber network would not duplicate the type of broadband service currently offered by AT&T, and they are recommending approval of Chanute’s plans to provide 1GB fiber Internet to its residents and local businesses.

According to reports, three members of the KCC will have the final say, but those staff recommendations tend to have a lot of influence on the outcome of such decisions.

Chanute officials said that the municipally funded fiber network already exists, providing broadband service to city government and public buildings.  Now the town wants to offer fiber Internet service to more people in their community, and officials say that the service would be 14 times faster and 60 percent cheaper than the Internet service many city residents already receive.

AT&T, an Internet service provider in Chanute, and has petitioned the court to intervene in the case. However, on Monday an AT&T official said in a statement that the company has not taken a position regarding Chanute’s plan, and called the intervention a “routine” step.