isps offer free internet for the next 60 days

On Saturday March 14th, several of the larger Internet Service Providers announced that they would be offering free data, with some offering free service, speed upgrades, and hotspot access for the next 60 days across the United States. This is a relief for thousands of people who suddenly find themselves working and attending virtual classes from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Sprint HQ

Mobile phone companies Sprint and T-Mobile have been the subject of numerous rumors over the years as to when and if they would ever join forces. Kind of like Scully and Mulder in the X Files. Recently the mobile environment has started to liven up even more.

Internet Telecom Cable Service News

Here is a recap of some of the technology, cable, and ISP related news around the country for the week of May 29, 2017:

Internet Telecom Cable Service News

Here is a recap of some of the cable TV, internet, phone industry and ISP news from around the country for the week of May 22, 2017:

Internet Telecom Cable Service News

Here is your weekly rewind of some of the cable and ISP news from around the US and the world for the week of May 1, 2017:

Internet Telecom Cable Service News

This is your weekly internet and cable service news update for April 10, 2017. These are the top stories making industry headlines this week:

Comcast/Time Warner Merger Woes

Even before Donald Trump became the 45th President, the cable and telecom industries were active with mergers and acquisitions. This has been going on for more than a hundred years, but in 2013, word got out that Comcast Cable was attempting to buy Time Warner Cable. They kicked it around for a bit but with grumblings from the Justice Department and the threat of an anti trust lawsuit, Comcast decided to drop the bid.  

Cable TV Companies Slim Down Channel Offerings

Are you a cable TV subscriber? Do you watch every channel that you subscribe to? Honestly, are there some channels on your subscription that you have NEVER even watched? If you answered yes, you certainly aren't alone, and no one wants to pay for channels they don't ever use. For years, customers have been asking providers for smaller cable packages, and now many cable TV providers are responding, offering package options with fewer channels, or entirely new services that let the customer choose which shows they want to watch. These solutions fall into three basic categories:


You may already know that Netflix and Comcast announced last year that the Netflix catalog will be fully integrated into Xfinity On Demand, enabling Comcast Xfinity X1 customers to watch past and current seasons of shows like The 100, How To Get Away With Murder or The Walking Dead; explore popular Netflix original series like Travelers, Orange Is The New Black and Marco Polo; or catch up on British classics like Black Books, Sherlock and Foyle’s War, all in one place.