Internet of Things

Attack of the Internet of Things

Did you know that many of the connected devices around the world can be made to attack computers and websites? Well, it happens all the time. I don’t mean physically, like a connected toaster going over and jumping up and down on your tablet. But someone can design a virus that infects a thermostat, garage door opener, camera, games console, car navigation system, or electronic device that is connected to the Internet.

The Internet of Things - A Day in the Life

The Internet of Things is the interworking of vehicles, buildings, electronic devices, plus network connectivity that enables these devices, or "things" to collect and exchange data.  More simply explained, it's basically just connecting an electronic device to the internet, and allowing these devices to communicate and work in tandem with each other. Sure, it might sound like something out of a futuristic novel, but The Internet of Things could change the way you live your life in the n

Chances are you have a smartphone. You probably have a smart TV. Maybe you even have a smartwatch. Isn’t it time for a smart home?

AT&T Verizon 5G Wireless Network

We've all watched the commercial that shows a man proudly bringing his brand new 3D TV into his house when he sees a truck driving by advertising the newest 4D TV. Just when you think you've caught up with the Jones', something new and better always seems to come out. Keeping up with developing cell phone technology can feel a lot like that. Now that you're getting used to your 4G phone, newer, faster, and better 5G service is about to roll out. So far, it has been about 10 years between each “G” release.