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We regret that we are unable to help you find Comcast Xfinity Internet service in your area at this time. Recently, a marketing agreement was sent out by Comcast to all e-tailers, demanding that the words "Comcast" or "Xfinity" be removed from all search results, website title tags, and our product pages.

25 Tips to Keep Safe Online

By Wayne Porter

As the Internet becomes more pervasive in everyday life, the importance of security and privacy protection becomes more important also. With the increased risk of worms, viruses, ransomware, phishing and other malware and scams comes the need for increased protection from these dangers.

States step in to preserve Internet Privacy

By Wayne Porter

The States Strike Back

In response to the US Congress repealing the FCC’s Internet privacy guidelines that were passed last year, several state governments have decided to take matters into their own hands by enacting Internet privacy rules of their own.

Frontier Logo

By Wayne Porter

Frontier Communications recently announced that it will be making broadband available to thousands of additional households in Texas, Indiana and Illinois utilizing the FCC’s Connect America Fund.

Fun ways to protect your online privacy

By Wayne Porter

Maybe it is just me but I have never been a fan of big soulless multi-national corporations with no regard for real people. Now that Internet Service Providers can mine your private browsing info for profit, I felt compelled to offer some tips to make it harder for them to use the information against you. Now Internet Service Providers will be able to do what Facebook and Google have been doing for years.

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